Time flying by, but Im not all that lost…

I somehow have no idea how it got to November already. The year of 2014 is coming to an end and all my brain can think of is: “didn’t we just go into January 2014?”. Luckily for me, its not alot of “fog brain” compared to last year.
This is not going to be a “summing up of the year” kind of post. That comes way later. But I really just wanted to highlight that it really has flown by.

And along with it being November comes the most important month of the year. Well, to the twins at least. They will be turning 6 this month. Obviously the chatter in the house has been what they want for their birthday. Non stop. We’ve taken note of the occasional ramblings. 😉
And yes, I said 6. That’s a whole hand and one finger old. That is closer to 10. As you can tell, to grasp the concept is a little hard for me. It is again like the year, time has just flown by. My “little babies” are going to Grade 1 next year and that is just great. I will deal with that “mommy emotional issues” when I get there 😉 (I first gotta make it through the Christmas season in one piece)

I have also recently had some kind of epiphany to “re-do” the house. You know, paint, scrape and more paint, rearrange, de-clutter and the possibility of building on a new playroom/work room for the kids. Yes, I know, it seems daunting. But I am determined to make this happen. One way or another. There is so much to do, but each task will be taken one step at a time. Currently we are busy repainting the outside of the house.

I will be chronicling those trials and tribulations on my latest blog: A Little More Fluff I named it this purely because it is not based on the goings on of family and work etc. Its more décor, diy, vaping etc based. Its up and running currently so please pop on by and have a look. I also have another blog focused more on beauty, fashion, nails etc. etc. I Blog Beauty n Stuff has been up for a while. So if you haven’t gone round, it would be great if you could let me know your thoughts. And obviously I shall still be blogging on here, so don’t think this blog is going anywhere!

As always, thanks for stopping by lovelies

Mommy? Why do you have scribbles?…

This was the question posed to me by my 5 (soon to be six) year old daughter upon silently gate crashing my bedroom (again) and finding me in just a tracksuit pants and bra. I was about to put on the t shirt. I’ve got to learn to lock the damn door. Also, kids can be very quiet when necessary.


Obviously, to make me feel better after probably seeing the abject shock and horror on my face, she decided to clarify. By pointing. And saying “there, on your tummy, why do you have scribbles?”

Kids are so observant. Don’t for a second think you can fool them.

Like when you’re trying to sneak in a bite of chocolate you’ve been stashing for a while. You know when you went to the hiding place it was quiet and it would be no trouble. Just when you take that bite.. “Mommy, what you eating?”. How the hell do they know?? The quiet should have been my clue. Don’t trust anything if its too quiet.
And yes, I stash treats for myself. I know for dead certain I am not the only parent that does this. Ok? Ok.

Anyway, so back to the matter at hand; the “scribbles” on my tummy. I, firstly, put on my tshirt, then sat her down on the bed and explained while they were in mommy’s tummy, her and her brother grew. As they grew mommy’s tummy stretched. Sometimes when skin stretches and then tries to go back to normal it leaves the marks. “We call it stretch marks” I finished. I was rather proud of myself at the wonderful explanation and fantastic bit of parenting I had accomplished. I deserved a treat for that. She was quiet.
Still feeling the gloating feeling of success my daughter laughed and said “silly scribbles” and proceeded to call her brother to tell him the story. Again, I should have noticed the quiet before getting all “you just won the parent to child info lottery”.

Kids – in the lead
Mommy – trying to get out of the hole

A Little Less Fluff

Time…You Are But A Complete Bitch

Strange how in two and a half years things can change so dramatically. It’s odd to think that it’s even possible. Last night A1 and I were looking at pics of the kids when they were just babies. Cute yes, but that is not what got us. There was a pic (rare) of us holding the kids. A1 says “Is it just me or do we look younger in that photo?” And that’s when it hit me. We were old. How was it possible to age at least 5 or more years in the space of two and a half years?  I thought about it and a couple of points came to mind:

  • Two and a half years ago I had the energy of five people. Now I can barely spare energy for one.
  • Two and a half years ago my head looked pretty decent. I now have enough grey hair to enter a retirement village.
  • Two and half years ago I could still pass for a teenager. Now I look like what the dog threw up.
  • Two and a half years ago I could still go out and have a good time, come back late and still get up and make it to work on time. I now barely go out and am really even too exhausted to think about it.
  • Two and a half years ago I had ambition to be the best in my career field. I now am just thankful to have a job.
  • Two and a half years ago I could look in the mirror and at least smile. I now look in the mirror and want to cry.
  • Two and a half years ago I managed my time well. Now if I make it to a place 15 minutes late I consider it a WIN.
  • Two and a half years ago I could easily tell you the date, time and what happened anytime anywhere. Now I’m lucky if I know what day of the week it is.
  • Two and a half years ago it was easy enough to go out to a restaurant to eat. Now if there is money left over (which is very rare) we might go out to eat. If we can muster the energy.
  • Two and a half years ago I was solid in my mental state. Now I doubt my mental state daily.

Those are probably not all, but I reckon one can probably come to the conclusion that two and a half years ago, we didn’t have kids.

Thought Processes

This weekend I happen to be thinking (I do sometimes actually have enough clarity to do that ya know!) about the facts of general life. How no one tells you what to expect. Ok people are always quick and easy with advice but nothing compares to finding out these things for yourself. I’m talking about general life stuff. You know, the little things that make you say “so why didn’t anyone tell me this?” type stuff. And if someone did tell you, they didn’t mention the horrible bits about it. Always the cutesy stuff, but never the hardcore WTF? type stuff.

Well in my lifetime I have discovered the following (not in order):

1) Sometimes no matter how hard you work at something you will just not ever get the reward you deserve.

2) Dreams are sometimes just that, dreams. Depending on how realistic your dream is, will determine whether it will be achieved or not.

3) Kids will inevitably suck the life out of you. It is a responsibility not taken lightly. Be prepared to give up at least 20 – 30 years of your life should you want to have them. (referring to point 2, your realistic dreams will also have to take a back seat)

4) Pregnancy is not all it seems to be.

5) Kids are cute, for a certain amount of time only!

6) You are NOT superwoman! At some point in your life you will be driven to such exhaustion that you will be physically sick.

7) Life is NOT as you see on TV! (sorry to burst your bubble, but its not)

8 ) Contrary to popular belief, you will NOT be liked by everyone all of the time. Trying to reach this goal is fruitless. There will also be times when you will have to be firm, mean and nasty. Whether you like it or not.

9) Unless you were born extremely wealthy, there will be times when you wonder how the hell you are going to survive the month. (also see point 3 as a factor in regards to this)

10) You will be hurt and disappointed a couple of times in your lifetime. This is unfortunately unavoidable. But you will find the strength to get over it.

11) You are stronger than you think!

12) Crying does not make you weak. It strengthens your resolve to carry on.

13) True friends are those that no matter how long you haven’t spoken to them, because of life’s generalities, they will be there for you should you call.

14) At some point in your life you will lose your true self. Be safe in the knowledge though that you will find yourself again.

15) There will be that ONE perfect moment in your life that you will remember until your dying day.

16) There will never be enough hours in the day! There are 24, you will just have to manage.

17) You would have, at least ONCE, considered going to therapy or have gone to therapy.

18) Some people who claim to be successful are, in actual fact, just damn lucky!

19) You can never be 100% sure what the future holds. No matter how well you plan it!

20) In order to really see reality? Take the blinkers off!

Thursday Thoughts…

I sometimes sit and think of the strangest things. No, I honestly do! Little musings if you will. Why do I do this? I’ve put it down to one of two things:

1) I have sometimes way to much time on my hands OR
2) My brain just won’t shut off.

I’m thinking it’s the latter really. Anyways, here are some of the thoughts that dwell in the asylum that is my mind.

1) Why do kids choose the most inopportune moment to dirty their clothes? Like just before you are about to leave to go out?

2) Ever walked to the fridge, opened it and just stood there not knowing what it was you wanted? Yeah, been there. A lot.

3) Why do kids always want to eat the food off your plate and when you put the exact same food in their plates, they act like its poison?? (Well mine do that in any case)

4) How come getting things out of the box is a lot easier than putting it back in?

5) If paper was for eating it would have been part of our diet. Now to just explain that to N!

6) Why do they create kids’ movies that are designed to give parents a stroke?

7) I’m convinced they should start a course for moms on how to drink coffee cold.

8) Someone should do research on kids and their “mommy-is-just-about-to-sit-down-for-the-first-time-in-a-long-time-so-lets-do-something-naughty” radar.

9) Why does it always rain when the car has just been washed?

10) How come whenever I’m in a hurry the cars on the road want to drive like Miss Daisy?

11) Funny how it is that the kids will wake up in the morning that extra hour earlier than they supposed to after you went to bed later than usual the night before.

12) Why are kids’ shoes always in the last place you look after having turned the whole house upside-down?

13) Someone should invent a baby-poo-nappy-changer type of machine thingy.

I also discovered a cute little site called Nanny Deprived (www.nannydeprived.com). Its fun, with all kinds of quotes, poetry etc. And it’s all about moms! Here are some funny quotes, but please go check the site out as its pretty cool! 🙂

“I suffer from M.A.D.D. – Mommy Attention Deficit Disorder.”

“My second favourite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint – Erma Bombeck

“Cleaning up with children around is like shovelling during a blizzard”
~ Author Unknown

“Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.”
~ Author Unknown

“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylum would be filled with mothers.”
~Edgar Watson Howe

“I know how to do anything – I’m a Mom”
~Roseanne Barr

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.”
~The Golden Girls

“Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare.”
~Ed Asner

Full Of Surprises

So off to the paed we go. N seemed in a good mood. Which was good. While sitting in the waiting room N decides she wants to play with the beads on another mom’s bag. The lady just smiled and I was slightly mortified at my daughters’ ability to just not care whether the bag belong to her or not.

The paed then walked out and apolgised as he had to step out as there was an emergency. Another kid had been bitten by a snake. That was a scary thought. My mind began to drift at the thought that it couldve been my child and what those parents must be going through. Made mental note to always be on the lookout. Again I have to mention here that I probably do suffer (obviously a self diagnosis here) from paranoia.

N decides to then get brave and attempt to play with another little boy around the same age. And when I say play I mean try to take one of the toys he had around him with without him seeing. Will have to look into that thievery moments of hers!

Half an hour past our appointment time and paed returns. He doesn’t look relieved. We go in. My motherly concern (probably more curiosity) kicks in and I ask if the kid is ok. He just shakes his head. Before my mind can drift to the thoughts of a grieving mother or even prodding further he asks how can he help us. I do adore a paed who cares so much about kids and his patients. He seemed to well up a bit but gained control enough to carry on.

We then got to the point of us being there. After much discussion it turns out our little girl is normal and healthy. It also turns out that my son, after us explaining his speech pattern etc. has the vocab of a five year old. He is apparently way ahead for his age. Almost “rediculously” so according to paed. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. N has a normal vocab range for a two year old which is two word sentences. At three is should be three word sentences and so it goes.

He does not think it has anything to do with her hearing and in fact he thinks she is fine. Just to be hundred percent sure and to console ourselves (more like my folks) he did write a letter motivating she go for a hearing test. Its not urgent so we can go after our Easter getaway.

He also thinks that because A is so advanced for his age he is over powering her and will end up answering for her as they get older. He recommends they be separated every now and then so she can build a better confidence with her speaking. Granted, I agree with him that A can be demanding but how on earth do I separate the two. My mom says she can maybe take A for the day, maybe twice a week, and N can play all day with L. She loves playing with L she just never gets a full chance with Mr Demanding around.

So there you have it folks. Normal, healthy, above average kids. Hmmm, better day than I thought it would be.