My little gymnasts

At the beginning of the year, one of the extra activities the kids could partake in was Monkeynastics. Awesome little venture where kids learn hand and eye coordination, balance and more. I was a little hesitant at first, but today’s showcase proved how well my babies could cope.

They balanced and climbed and jumped to (almost) perfection. So proud of them. I was most hesitant with A in the beginning since he is rather skinny. Sometimes I forget skinny doesn’t necessarily mean fragile. He did really well.

They received little medals and still had time to pose with the Monkeynastics mascots. It didn’t freak them out either. 😉


A and N pretty pretty proud of themselves

Don’t ask me what those looks are. A is going with a “blue steel” and N has her “know it all” look going for her.

They grow up so fast…..

Time flying by, but Im not all that lost…

I somehow have no idea how it got to November already. The year of 2014 is coming to an end and all my brain can think of is: “didn’t we just go into January 2014?”. Luckily for me, its not alot of “fog brain” compared to last year.
This is not going to be a “summing up of the year” kind of post. That comes way later. But I really just wanted to highlight that it really has flown by.

And along with it being November comes the most important month of the year. Well, to the twins at least. They will be turning 6 this month. Obviously the chatter in the house has been what they want for their birthday. Non stop. We’ve taken note of the occasional ramblings. 😉
And yes, I said 6. That’s a whole hand and one finger old. That is closer to 10. As you can tell, to grasp the concept is a little hard for me. It is again like the year, time has just flown by. My “little babies” are going to Grade 1 next year and that is just great. I will deal with that “mommy emotional issues” when I get there 😉 (I first gotta make it through the Christmas season in one piece)

I have also recently had some kind of epiphany to “re-do” the house. You know, paint, scrape and more paint, rearrange, de-clutter and the possibility of building on a new playroom/work room for the kids. Yes, I know, it seems daunting. But I am determined to make this happen. One way or another. There is so much to do, but each task will be taken one step at a time. Currently we are busy repainting the outside of the house.

I will be chronicling those trials and tribulations on my latest blog: A Little More Fluff I named it this purely because it is not based on the goings on of family and work etc. Its more décor, diy, vaping etc based. Its up and running currently so please pop on by and have a look. I also have another blog focused more on beauty, fashion, nails etc. etc. I Blog Beauty n Stuff has been up for a while. So if you haven’t gone round, it would be great if you could let me know your thoughts. And obviously I shall still be blogging on here, so don’t think this blog is going anywhere!

As always, thanks for stopping by lovelies

Difference of opinion

About a week and a half ago N was at the doctor due to Tue fact that the day before she was crying in class because of an ear ache. She had been complaining of a sore ear on and off for the last two weeks. I would gently rub behind the ear and check pressure areas to determine if there might be an infection. Whenever I did this she wouldn’t flinch or scream in pain. It would then be over and all was well. The crying in class was when I decided that maybe she needed to see doc and that he would determine what the issue was. My child does not cry in class. She can be sulky at best, but doesn’t cry. So off to the doc she goes.

There was nothing wrong. As in nothing. No blockage ( nice and clear and healthy according to doc) and of course no sign of infection. I was happy. Then came the questions. Does she grind her teeth at night? Is she doing this for attention because her twin brother gets more attention?
I was floored. Really? REALLY?? You think I don’t give her enough attention and now she is coming up with fake ailments do get it? Really? No. The answer to those questions is no. I have been extra careful in that regard. It couldn’t be.

I resolved that evening to engage with her a little more. She seemed fine. Quite content that THE DOCTOR has said her ear was good. Hardly attention seeking right? Then again would she do that just to go to a doc?

Well I have secretly monitored her for a week or more and have not changed my normal interactions with both my children. She is 100% fine. Some happy, dynamic little girl I adore and love so much.

Which brings me to a thought: was it just an attention seeking tactic? Does she merely love going to a doc like a mini hypochondriac? Or was it genuinely aching at the time? I’m still on the fence here.
I would love some feedback from other moms with multiples or moms with children close in age. Has this ever happened to you? Or something similar perhaps?

I’d love to hear the opinions on this, so hit me up in the comments section.


Points To Ponder…

  1. Contrary to popular belief, I actually am still in the realm of blogging. I think I might have just faded into the background as reality is a bitch.
  2. The human body can apparently withstand mind numbing exhaustion up to a certain point. You know, that point when you dont make sense while speaking and you sound like you’ve been drugged.
  3. Three year olds think they know everything.
  4. No matter how you swing it, you cannot cure incompetence.
  5. After 30 times of asking, it is always the one time you dont ask that a kid needs to pee.
  6. There will always be that one thing on your grocery list that you will not find/get.
  7. Just because you are in a certain high level position does not give you the right to be a complete dick.
  8. With reference to point 7: Just because you obtained said position by doing fuckall still does not give you the right to be a complete dick.
  9. Just when you think you couldn’t sweat any more in the summer heat…
  10. Sleep is only sleep if there isn’t a foot in your rib or a hand slapping your face.


It’s Not Going To Be A Good Week…

You know how I know I am going to have a rough week?

L has had to go to family for three days (as in out-of-town family). Today being day 1. She is back on Monday. I don’t think I am going to cope with how my kids are going to be over the next three days.

You see, I have to drop off the kids at my mom’s for the next three days before work and collect them after. My mother gives them free reign and they can go crazy. Aka, they will drive me crazy when I collect them after work. Aka, this is not going to be a good week.

I’m sure you know how it is when the kids are with the grandparents. With mine it takes a while before I get them to be at least semi behaved and less hooligan like. I could go into the nitty gritty of why this is but I figure it is pretty self-explanatory and frankly I feel like a zombie at the moment.

Let’s hope I make it to Monday in one piece.

Potty Training SOS!!

Ok, so this is a situation that I require help with. It’s one of those situations that could not turn out too well.

We are currently in potty training mode in our household and so far it’s going ok. Well at least for A it’s going ok. He is convinced that when he is fully potty trained he will go straight to college. With his brain, I wonder. Haha! So he, essentially, is not the problem.

N however we are struggling with. She sees underwear and starts screaming like someone has cut off her toe. We eventually got her to wear the underwear, but yesterday’s information from L is concerning me.

Yesterday morning L put on underwear for N. This went ok. And when N had a funny look on her face (aka I need to pee but am not going to tell you, you have to just guess), L dashed her off to the potty. And then? Nothing. Nada. Zip. This apparently carried on all morning right up until nap time. Which she duly napped with underwear and didn’t even wet herself in her sleep. At about 12h30 the afternoon she STILL had not made a wee. Ever observant L was worried she could make herself ill by not going and duly put her on the potty (as she once again displayed that “face”). Again, nothing. L figured that N needs to wee so in order for N to just get it out she put on the nappy. N then proceeded to wee that nappy full to the point of it seeping through!! My child had been holding it in for that long!!

This is of concern to me because if she has learnt to hold a wee in, it won’t be long before she learns to hold a poo in and that could make a kid REALLY ill.

I thought she would really just get over her aversion to using the potty once she saw her brother wasn’t having a problem. I guess its gotten to a point that she simply does not want to go.

It wasn’t that long ago that she successfully made a pee and a poo in the potty and even gave herself a round of applause. She then the same day proceeded to wet herself and didnt like it one bit. She does not enjoy being dirty AT ALL. I think the aversion might have stemmed from that and we have been really patient with her up to now. But this needs to be done and I am now at a loss.

So my question to moms out there is this:

Have you gone through a situation like this?

What was your remedy?

I would appreciate any advice you might have because right now, I think I am stumped.

They Surprise Me Everyday…

I will say one thing about having kids. They surprise you when you least expect it. Mine seem to do it quite often. And just when I think I couldnt be surprised by anything they do anymore, there is always something left in their little bags of tricks.

I am really happy for my little N. She is really starting to speak like a little person.

Ok, so there is still some incoherent babbling in between, but those words she does pop out are as clear as day. And not just a one word type of thing. No, no, she has progressed onto a three sentence structure. Perfect to go with her age. She is in fact a normal little girl by all accounts. I think sometimes we tend to forget that when we look at A and how he speaks pretty much on par with a five year old or sometimes even 6 year old. My son, while on holiday, befriended a boy twice his age and could hold a proper conversation with him. I sat back and watched the interaction and you would swear my kid was the same age as the other little boy. That’s A. That’s how he is and that’s how he will always be.

My twins are only three years old and they are definitely not the same. But I love them both equally. Just as much as they equally piss me off sometimes.

They are not identical so essentially they are like two totally polar opposites who happen to share a birthday. That’s it. Nothing more.

We were at one point getting a bit concerned that N was still babbling about by the age of 2 and half. But somewhere in between two and a half and turning 3 she has been spouting out words left right and center. It makes my heart smile and she seems happier now that she can actually get through to us better. Granted when she gets excited her talking comes at a pitch that could call dogs. But I love it. Except when I have a headache. But I really do love it.

As they both progress I am fascinated by their ability to soak up information. And words. We are now so careful to speak certain things in front of A as chances are he will mention something that isn’t kosher in front of other people at the wrong moment. Seems mom and dad conversations will be done in private, or whispering. Depends. That goes for swearing too by the way.

I am excited to see what happens as time goes on and they eventually get to school going age. My little N is average (for now, because I tell you what, she is super clever at puzzles. Almost weirdly so), and A is well, I don’t know, A. 🙂