Let’s give it another go shall we?

​Happy New Year!

So here we are in 2017 and I have decided that maybe I should start with the blog again. For a whole minute I debated on starting a whole new blog, but no, my old faithful shall remain and shall continue to provide me the joy it always has. I feel at home here (no matter how long I have been away). So this is me, dusting off the cobwebs of A Little Less Fluff and letting in the fresh air. Of course, all the while attempting to write blog posts. 

Naturally the posts will be as they always have been: life, kids etc so I reckon a bit of an update is needed:

The twins are now a whole 8 years old and growing into some decent little humans if I do say so myself. Grade 3 will be hectic this year but they are tough and smart and will get through it. N is taking ballet twice a week and A is taking cricket once a week. In between the hectic homework and for the first time this year doing actual exams, its going to be interesting to say the least. I am trying to balance work and their growing schedules through this all important time for them. I know it becomes even more hectic as the years go by but I am managing to so far hold it together. ☺ 

Work has had its ups and downs but so far I have not wanted to retreat and run for the hills yet. I reckon I am doing OK. All be it that I am kind of scouting the market. Be that as it may, I still give my very best every day. Its hard at times when you’re permanently exhausted all the time, but I have made it through. 

Health wise things have been ok. 2016 had me in for yet another endometriosis related op. I hope 2017 has the foresight to just give me a damn break with that. Blessed that even though its early in the year, I have not had any probs since last op. I have a better grasp of life currently and feel a little more in control. Have to write things down to keep myself reminded of “to do’s” but if that’s what keeps me sane then so be it. It works for me. 

Right, I think we’re all caught up. That is the baseline update. Just to make sure you’re all with me. 😉 How have you all been? 

I will be back again soon.