Five Things This Week…

1) The twins have a hectic weekly schedule this year, which ultimately means that by a Friday (in between me being a working mom) I’m dead.
2) Seeing someone you know deal with losing a parent is painful. Does not matter how old you are, it is just painful. And makes you even more grateful to have yours still with you.

3) In a working environment there will always be people who do not get along. And somehow you’re stuck in the middle.

4) Might sound ‘old fashioned’ but keeping a diary to stay on top of things is fantastic. (I keep two. One for work and one for home. Call it what you want, I call it not losing my shit)

5) I need another holiday.

Have an awesome weekend lovelies.

A Little Less Fluff


I Looked A Little Deeper…

As human beings, we often tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and such and kind of just become drones. I know that sounds strange, but its the truth. At what point did we become like this? At what point did we forget to stop and “smell the roses” as it were?
Society in general puts pressures on the youth, young adults, working/married couples to constantly strive to that utmost of achievements. And yet when you step back, ask yourself “what is it that I truly want?”.

If you just take the smallest of moments, you’ll realise that there are people around you who love you. That friendship doesn’t end when you start a family. That the most irritating of questions from your your young children is giving you the opportunity to nurture their enquiring minds. That even if you think you are, you are not alone.

In all this, I do actually have a point, seriously, I realised that especially the last point rings so true. My post yesterday yielded such a response of support, encouragement and acknowledgement from others that it struck me (and reminded me) why I started this blog in the first place. Support, encouragement and acknowledgment.
A week ago I was thinking of deleting it all together. The husband, in his wisdom, stated that it would be a bad idea. The blog is a testament to how I’ve progressed and how far I’ve come over the years. My journey to the here and now is laid out in the 150+ posts I have. I let the thought go with a reminder to myself that I would come back to this. I did. Last night I let it all out. Here, on my blog, and I don’t regret my decision to keep it. It is truly a chronicle of my journey and I wouldn’t let it go for the world.

Yes, I know that was some deep sentimental shit right there. A little introspection does wonders for the soul.
To all my followers (old and new) I thank you. I really do. Rest assured I’ll be around more often this time. 😉