I Clearly Need A “Pick Me Up”…

Wow! I am unbelievably tired right about now.

This will most probably carry on until I get to bed tonight. It sucks really. I mean I feel like a sloth. Everything is just in slow motion and my eyes are currently battling the forces of gravity to stay open! Also battling to type this post. I have checked and rechecked for spelling in this paragraph alone!

 I wasn’t that bad this morning really. I thought it was going to be a good day in the “energy of myself” department. Except somewhere in between arriving at work and now (which is close to lunch time), every amount of “energy” has been sapped from me and I my brain feels like mash.

 So I went from this…..



To this…..

And in this state I shall be until my head hits the pillow for what I can only assume is called “sleep”.


3 thoughts on “I Clearly Need A “Pick Me Up”…

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